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Billions of sensory data, ten thousand formats, real-time analyses? Obvious case for big data. We support you from consulting services up to implementation activities. We accompany you on your path to data-driven organization having more than 20 year experience in critical business data.

Why Big Data?

Data-based findings help better understand business connections. They lead towards funded decisions. Moreover, big data provides the opportunity to develop and implement new business models, e.g. customized products and services. Big data technologies like Apache Hadoop provide scalable storage- and computing capacity at low cost.

Who uses Big Data?

Companies of any size and industry use big data. This does not imply that huge, unexplored data stocks are stored in those companies. Information from open data portals allow companies profitably linking own data. First prototypes of big data applications can be created in little time at low cost, inter alia using open source technologie

Where does Big Data come from?

Quickly growing and differently structured data stocks with high requirements on processing speed form the background of big data. Data differs in size (volume), format (variety) and time of analysis (velocity). User-generated content, growing number of sensors and the internet of things are responsible for the strong data growth.