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Making rapidly growing quantities of data manageable and extracting insights from analyses? We are conversant with Big Data challenges from the practical side.

Making billions of dealer data items manageable

A highly scalable Hadoop solution from mgm supports a market research institute in opening up new markets and countries.
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Data-driven decisions in retailing

Transparent sequences thanks to big data. The information exchange between branch office and sales companies allows a better distribution of tasks.
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Better quality of real estate advertising thanks to Open Data

Where is the nearest school or doctor? Big data solution enriches advertisements with additional information.
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Exploration of sensor data

Assisted by an individually developed tool, researchers investigate vehicle data. And develop new assistance systems.
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Classification of search queries with machine learning

The project aimed at the classification of one million search queries.  It involved the design and training of a machine learning algorithm.
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Workshop to improve the search functionality of a knowledge base

Looking more closely at search queries helps to get a better understanding of what users actually need.
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Analysis and prediction of bike sharing usage in New York City

7,000 bicycles, 328 stations, eight million trips – The developed PoC for the bike sharing service from CitiBike contains visualizations of the data and predictions of future use.
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