Classification of search queries

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Starting point

  • A market research company would like to classify a million search queries from Internet search engines
  • The Machine Learning (ML) algorithm developed in the project is to be applicable to further search queries
  • Classification categories as well as design and training of the algorithm by the mgm technology partners GmbH


  • Manual classification of a training sample of 8,000 search queries
  • Documentation of the categories “industry” and “user intent“ – adapted to the specifics of the available search queries
  • Automated classification of one million search queries by the developed ML algorithm

Course of action

  • Technical definition of suitable categories
  • Selection of a representative training set
  • Manual classification by means of crowd workers
  • Training the ML algorithm
  • Automatic classification of industries with the help of newsgroups, forums, Wikidata and Wiktionary as ontologies
  • Visualization for quality assurance and improvement
  • Calculation of KPIs, accuracy, F-measure

Results and benefits

  • Technical specification of the individual categories for industry and user intent
  • Automated classification of one million search queries
  • ML algorithm including parameters