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Starting point

  • The data storage system of a market research institute was pushed to its limits
  • The implementation of additional panels, optimized for the measurement of changes, was only possible with great difficulties
  • Additional expansion of the business was limited as a result



  • Establishment of a stable, scalable system for dealer data in the billions
  • Short access times, especially in comparison with historical data
  • Positioning of IT as a business enabler and driver

Course of action

  • Establishment of a distributed, highly scalable solution on the basis of Hadoop
  • Transformation of 20,000 different initial formats into one standard format
  • Cutout for a panel, use of the results for global roll-out

Results and benefits

  • The very large data volumes can now be handled, while the system is prepared for additional growth
  • Thanks to the improved data processing capacity, the institute can open up new markets and countries smoothly, and generate more comprehensive forecasts on sales figures