Real estate advertising

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Starting point

  • Real estate portal receives geolocalized real estate offers from realtors at various detail levels
  • Users cannot search through ads according to all desired criteria



  • Based on geolocalized data, additional, user relevant information is to be derived
  • Real estate offered to be enriched with additional information on the environment of the properties
  • Homogenization of the attributes of all ads, ensuring a consistent user experience

Course of action

  • Evaluation of possible additional information
  • Distance to the nearest school
  • Doctors in the locality
  • Use of open data from Open Street Map
  • Implementation: fast and scalable geo-search with Apache Solr
  • Integration in process for acceptance of the ads

Results and benefits

  • Better service for portal users thanks to more comprehensive, semantic search possibilities
  • The ability to call up information on the environment of the properties increases the quality of the ads
  • Better client journey for users finding suitable properties
  • Reduced effort for portal operators through the automated integration of additional information