Retail trade

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Starting point

  • Massive efforts at an international trading company in ordering the right quantity of goods for each of the over 10,000 branches
  • Decentralized structure across countries, warehousing companies etc.
  • Coordination of the tasks of the branch staff
  • Personnel deployment planning



  • Forecast of the actual goods requirement in the branch
  • Enabling information exchange between branches and sales company through digitized processes
  • Aggregation of the information and transfer to central office
  • Providing an app as the central information hub in branch operation and for the administration of tasks

Course of action

  • Design and implementation of the data exchange
  • Agile procedure: Technological prototype produced and then continually developed up to the practical application
  • UI / UX as central characteristic of the app, checked with prototyping
  • Successive roll-out in conjunction with change management

Results and benefits

  • Considerable cost savings through reduction of unsaleable goods
  • Faster communication between all user groups thanks to digitalized processes
  • Information exchange in real time with central office and better task distribution at the branch
  • Transparency across all areas enables data-driven decisions and increases the competitive capacity