Sensor data

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Starting point

  • Automotive manufacturer uses crowd sourcing to record sensor data from test drives
  • Many hundreds of millions of data sets are available
  • Data sets are not directly interpreted by the engineers



  • Interactive data exploration
  • Temporal, spatial and content-related selection for drill-down
  • Data should be used to understand the influence of various factors on the behavior of driver and vehicle
  • Data exploration should form the basis for further development of services like assistance systems

Course of action

  • Requirements analysis together with specialist departments
  • Recognition that available tools cannot fulfill the requirements leads to native development
  • Apache Solr as back-end component allows very fast access to geo-regions, times and sensor data
  • Frontend components: Maps with Leaflet (OSM), visualizations and statistics with D3.js, Angular JS as application framework

Results and benefits

  • Intuitively usable interactive application for data exploration
  • The use of scalable open source technologies ensures real time capability – also in connection with dynamically growing data pools
  • Researchers are able to recognize patterns visually as well as to investigate correlations and patterns conveniently