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We individually support you with your big data plans. From strategic consulting to prototypes and the first test projects, all the way through to the implementation and the operation of complex, highly scalable systems.


Introductory workshop

How can your business benefit from big data? We provide you with an overview of application possibilities, business approaches and current technologies.
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Quantifying innovation potential

On the basis of your test data, we will develop the first prototypes for the data analysis. In connection with an inquiry, you will see the inherent potential of your data in concrete terms.
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Proof of concept

We provide vendor and system independent consulting on all questions revolving around the ideal technology stack. We will support you with a test infrastructure.
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We develop appropriate individual solutions, tailored to your specific requirements. Moreover, we will support you in anchoring big data in your company over the long term.
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Further development

Derive maximum benefits from your data-driven applications. We will assist you in this, for example by verifying the data quality or evaluating the significance of the prediction.
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Monitoring and operation

Our offerings and services for the dependable operation of your applications range from server and system monitoring to audit security and on to disaster recovery.
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