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Individual solutions for your requirements

We are specialized in software projects and finding the optimal solution for our customers’ specific requirements. Here, we will select the right solutions for you from about 20 core and many other peer technologies. The end result is always a production ready, maintainable and future-proof solution from mgm.


Searching efficiently in large data sets

Are you facing the challenge of quickly finding information in rapidly expanding data volumes? Our experts are experienced and seasoned in the application and individual extension of modern search technologies like Apache Solr and Elastic Search. For example, based on Solr and data storage in systems distributed with Hadoop HDFS, terabytes of log data can be searched in real- time.

Visualization and web frontends

How would you like the results of your big data analyses to be presented? Which presentation allows the important information to be interpreted quickly? We develop web frontends that fit perfectly and can be used intuitively – whether for the representation of sensor data on zoomable maps, the highlighting of clusters in heat maps, or the summarization of performance data in classical reports, statistics and diagrams. Based on your requirements we develop tools you can use to visualize your data effectively and flexibly, as well as for exploring and investigating your data.

Anchoring big data in corporate strategy

The successful deployment of big data in companies not only calls for technical know-how, but also organizational sophistication and finessing. Consequently, besides the development of individual solutions, we also support you in setting the right course for a corporate culture rooted in data-based decision making.