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Getting to know big data

Would you like to learn more about big data? Our experts are happy to provide you with an overview of current technologies and application possibilities – whether in a full-day workshop or an introductory event. In answering your individual questions, we draw on years of in-depth experience with the analysis of very large data volumes – from vehicle and machine sensor data to access and sales data of online dealers and on to log data in the area of large scale e-government applications.

Understanding technologies

How does big data differ from existing procedures in the Business Intelligence area? What does that mean for existing systems like a data warehouse? How do Hadoop, SAP Hana, Spark, Flink, and Storm actually work? Can these technologies also be harnessed together? If you want to know more about the current big data frameworks, we are exactly the right people to talk to. We have already successfully implemented over 20 projects involving big data technologies and have internally evaluated many more.

Estimating business impact

What role does big data play in corporate decision taking? How can data analyses provide a deeper understanding of your own business and individual customers? To which extent does this alter the business models? While our developers are highly conversant with the technical details revolving around big data frameworks, our consultants are extremely enthusiastic about the business-related questions and the switch to data-driven organizations.