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Server and system monitoring

From the technical point of view, especially server and system monitoring are essential for problem-free operation. Among other aspects, it is a matter of coordinating the data streams, ensuring high availability and achieving the lowest possible latency. Moreover, it must be checked whether the system can handle the load and that the response times do not become excessive.

Audit safety

Depending on the context in which the data-driven application is used, there may be specifications and rules for the retention of information. The reproducibility of earlier results ensures audit safety and compliance in such cases. This includes, for example, the archiving of algorithms so that they can be executed again at a later point in time. The data lifecycle, however, must also be factored in to ensure audit safety and compliance.

Disaster recovery

The availability of IT systems connected with data storage, analysis and evaluation is often business critical since important decisions are increasingly taken on the basis of data. Disaster recovery measures aim at ensuring the least possible disturbance in the operation of these services as well as at restoring systems and data within the shortest possible time after a failure. We will support you in preventing data loss and system failures with the design, implementation and monitoring of replication – if necessary across several sites.