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Fulfilling the preconditions

Before you embark on a big data project, you should ensure the availability of the data required. This includes data and legal protection, the form and also current status as well as timeliness of the data involved. Moreover, data quality must also be assured so that results derived are good enough to support correct business decision making.


Selecting a sustainable technology stack

If you already have first ideas about the use of big data, questions quickly arise on their realization: Is the actual implementation possible? Should the solution be hosted in the Cloud or not? Is scalability ensured? In order to find a sustainably operable solution, we provide consulting on all questions concerning infrastructure, independent of vendor or system. We will assist you in finding an ideal technology stack with the help of best practice decision and evaluation models.

Performance of tests with example infrastructures.

A comprehensive repertoire of existing tools is already at hand for many tasks. The art is finding the right tools and combining them skillfully for the particular requirements in order to lay the foundation stone for a future-proof solution. As soon as the technology stack has been selected, we are happy to provide you with the corresponding infrastructure for test purposes – for example an individually configured Hadoop stack in the form of Docker images or Vagrant recipes.

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