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Our experts have a number of different open source technologies on their radar – such as e.g. Hadoop, Spark, Storm. And they have already deployed about 20 of them in specific projects.

R and Python

R and Python are track proven companions of our data scientists. They allow to quickly investigate samples of data pools. Statistical analyses can be visualized conveniently.
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Hadoop ecosystem

Apache Hadoop forms the basis for highly scalable, performance-strong and distributed data storage and processing. The basic technology is complemented by any number of extensions like HBase and Hive.
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Presto forges a bridge between conventional data warehouse scenarios and massive data pools. The distributed SQL Query Engine enables rapid analyses and reports.
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Apache Spark

Apache Spark has established itself as one of the most important big data frameworks, alongside Hadoop. Spark impresses with very high execution speeds and excels in the area of Machine Learning.
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Apache Solr

The open source search platform Apache Solr not only is the most popular search engine in the enterprise environment. The scalable search solution also offers decisive strengths in the context of big data.
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