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(Big) data warehouse

Presto is a distributed SQL Query Engine enabling interactive queries to data sources of any size. Presto was originally developed by Facebook. The objective was to create a tool capable of answering queries to large data pools as quickly as commercial data warehouse solutions. Facebook relies on Presto for the company’s 300 Petabyte data warehouse. Since the end of 2013, the tool has been freely available as an open source project. Airbnb and Dropbox feature as additional high profile users.


Analyses and reports on the basis of different data sources

Presto not only functions on Hadoop clusters with HDFS, but also on other data sources like traditional relational data bases or Cassandra. Moreover, Presto allows data from these heterogeneous data sources to be combined. In this way, aggregates of the “new” and “old” worlds can be composed and individual reports produced from them. In the data warehouse context, Presto takes on the data analysis part, in other words, Online Analytical Processing (OLAP). It is no substitute for relational data bases like MySQL, PostgreSQL or Oracle and does not support Online Transaction Processing (OLTP).