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Current focus topics include, amongst others, search technologies, geo data and data lifecycles. Moreover, we are interested in the development of fast key-value data bases.

Data-driven business analysis

An appropriate business case must be defined to enable a targeted data-driven analysis. Subsequently, it is a matter of exploring relevant data and testing the contextual framework.

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Security / Governance / Stewardship

The responsible handling of large data volumes is a fundamental principle of big data applications. Data Governance and Data Stewardship are essential for data management.

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Change management

Data-driven applications change corporate procedures and decision making processes. It is expedient to have a “data vision”, enabled and empowered staff and the right expectation management.

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Recommendation engines

Would you like some recommendations? By harnessing learning recommendation engines you can present your users with appropriate contents which is especially important for a high level of convenience in online shops.

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Data lifecycle

From generation through to archiving or disposal, data passes through many stages. In this context, various aspects such as time dependency must be taken into account.

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Hybrid data storage

Conventional relational data bases and big data are not mutually exclusive. Their combination makes sense in many cases – as in a data warehouse, for example.

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Geo data

Geo-coded data are fundamental to a range of services like e.g. vehicle telematics. Geo information systems can be implemented on the basis of open data and technologies.

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