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Defining the business case

An attractive business case for our customers underpins our data-driven analysis. Here we identify, together with our customers, topics and issues which are relevant for their corporate purposes. Then we explore whether and how the data available to the company can provide answers to these queries. The refinement of the relevant business case proceeds iteratively and in close cooperation with the specialist area and those responsible for the data.

Exploring data

Data exploration starts with the question as to which data are available in a readable format that are interesting and relevant for the company. With the help of these selected data the first hypotheses can already be tested. The potential of the data-driven analysis is then investigated and relevant data and queries successively rendered more precisely.

Performing context checks

A comprehensive data-driven business analysis is actually only useful when its results can also be put into practice. In order to clear away all impediments, the contextual framework of potential applications and solutions must also be checked. Are special demands made on data security and data protection? Does the data-driven approach entail ethical risks or cultural conflicts?