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Geo-coding of data

Recent years have seen a rise in the demand for applications which function with geo-coded data – from free-floating car sharing to telematics services determining the position of containers. The rapid progress in the area of mobile computing is one of the central drivers in this context. We are following these developments with great interest and most particularly the technical aspects of geo-coding and the applications based on this.

Implementing geo-information systems with open source and open data

Besides proprietary services, open geo-information services like OpenStreetMap have entered the picture. A growing community continuously collects GPS data and converts it for free use as a basis for OpenStreetMap. Many people are unaware of the fact that – given the right know-how – this data can be put to use for their own applications. Besides the obvious application in vehicles or for mobile phone navigation, it could also be profitably applied to the evaluation of properties. How far away is the nearest school, supermarket or highway connection? For years we have been involved in the implementation of such geo-information systems and services based on open source technologies and open data.