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The responsible handling of large data volumes is an essential principle in the implementation of data-driven applications. Here, we are deploying technologies in the area of anonymization and pseudo-anonymization and cooperating closely with legal bodies – especially when personal data is concerned. Due to the large data volumes involved, data that is not directly related to a person can still be assigned to individuals. Here, we are referring to personal, or individual-related data, that must be checked separately.

Data governance

Data governance regulates processes associated with the administration and utilization of data in companies. This includes quality assurance methods, for example, and directives governing the authorized use of data. In addition, data governance must ensure that central company values are not violated in data-driven applications.

Data stewardship

The linking of multiple data sources is one of the functional areas covered by the complex of data stewardship. This involves performing error calculations in order to analyze inaccuracies in the source data so as to ascertain the errors in the calculated data. This can ensure the validity of the results in instances in which the original data is not entirely dependable. The documentation of the data flows and interfaces is a key task of this discipline. Like this errors can already be avoided in advance with regard to the services to be supplied.